Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay in 2023 ?



Explore how McDonald’s take Apple Pay: guide to easy, fast payments in-store, drive-thru, and app !

Navigating through the fast-paced world of fast food, one question often pops up for iPhone users at McDonald’s: Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay in 2023? This global fast-food giant, known for its golden arches and tasty meals, has always been keen on blending convenience with technology.

Apple Pay, celebrated for its quick and easy transactions, has become a focal point of curiosity for those who prefer a seamless payment experience. Especially when at McDonald’s, where speed is everything, the question of payment options, and specifically, the compatibility with Apple Pay, finds relevance among diners.

Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay?

Yes, all McDonald’s in the US do accept Apple Pay! So, whether you’re ordering a Big Mac or something else tasty, you can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to pay for it. McDonald’s is pretty cool like that, being one of the first to use this easy pay method.

It’s simple – you can use Apple Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards when you’re at the restaurant, the drive-thru, or even ordering from the McDonald’s app. Let’s talk more about how this works in different ordering situations!

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s, whether you’re in-store, at the drive-thru, or ordering from your sofa, is super easy and quick. Let’s check out how to do it in each situation!

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s in-store

After you’ve picked out your favorite meal at McDonald’s, using Apple Pay with your iPhone is easy. Here’s how:

Using Apple Pay with iPhone:

  • Double-tap your iPhone’s side button to open the Apple Wallet.
  • Confirm it’s you with a passcode or Face ID.
  • Choose your card, if not using the default.
  • Hold your iPhone near the NFC reader to pay.
Payment is done using Apple Card

Using Apple Pay with Apple Watch:

  • Double-tap the side button of your Apple Watch.
  • Bring your watch close to the NFC reader.
  • A buzz confirms your payment.
Use Apple Pay in Apple Watch to make payments

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-thru

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s drive-thru is pretty much the same as using it inside. All drive-thrus have a special card reader, just like inside. Here’s how to do it:

  • Drive up and order as usual.
  • Double-tap to activate Apple Pay on your device.
  • Pass your device to the staff (if needed) to hold near the reader.

Using Apple Pay in the McDonald’s App

Why go out when McDonald’s can come to you? Here’s how to use Apple Pay in their app:

  • Download and log in to the McDonald’s app.
  • Pick your items and head to checkout.
  • Select Apple Pay and the card you want to use.
  • Confirm your purchase and wait for your tasty meal.
Use Apple Pay in the McDonald’s App

What other ways can you pay at McDonald’s?

In the Restaurant:

  • Cash, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted.
  • Use digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Using the McDonald’s App:

  • Pay with Apple Pay or use a credit/debit card.
  • Choose Venmo or Paypal to complete your purchase.

Note: Google Pay and Samsung Pay are not available in the app.

Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s…

In conclusion, McDonald’s takes Apple Pay, offering you a speedy and effortless way to enjoy your favorite meals. Regardless of ordering in-restaurant, via the drive-thru, or through the app, your delicious purchases are just a tap away. Savor the ease of various payment options at McDonald’s and dive into your cravings without a hitch!

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